July 23, 2002

We spent the day in Tucson. It’s nice knowing we have lots of reasons to come back to Tucson so I don’t feel too sad about saying goodbye to all the things I like about it. We spent the evening with my family. It was nice to spend some time there just hanging out like usual. Home is a place where just being there is great, without even anything exciting going on. It’s just nice because it’s home and family is there. We said our goodbye’s to everybody then headed out. Faye and I talked on the drive about our feelings about our move to Los Angeles. Of course, we each have our own anxieties about life in a place we’ve never lived but my anxieties are mainly about school and not having as much time with Faye as I want while Faye’s anxieties are about trying to get adjusted into a new big city largely by herself with Doug in tow. It’ll be a big move but I know we’ll do just fine, and before we know it LA will be home.

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