August 13, 2002

Last night I gave Sean a call to say hello and let him know how everything was going; and, surprise, surprise, he and Jessica were in San Diego! They are down there on vacation. So today we drove down to see them. We got there in the afternoon and hung out in their hotel room until the got back from the zoo. It was great to see them and what luck that we got a hold of them when we did. Today is the only day we would have been able to see them and it worked out great. Brent and Colleen Donovan were on  vacation with them. Brent also served in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission with Sean and I. 

The greatest thing about the future is who I will spend it with. Faye is the inspiration of my life, she gives me the reason to dream big and work hard. I love her so much. Only God in Heaven, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost have had a greater impact on my life. I'm sure that will always be the case. Life with Faye is life to its fullest, and the future with her is the brightest future. 

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