August 16, 2002

Faye and I have been hoping and praying for some friends. I especially, have been praying that Faye would be able to find a friend quickly. This evening Scott and Diana Pearson babysat Doug while we went to the temple. While waiting to be led into the endowment room, a guy sat next to me and we began to talk. He is just a little older than me and he and his wife moved to LA two and a half months ago after he graduated from BYU. I, of course, told him we were new in the area and told him a little about myself. I said to him that our wives need to meet. They live just a few miles away from us. As we were walking to the endowment room, he and his wife a little bit ahead of Faye and I, I told Faye about them. Faye asked, "Is their last name Schultz?" It turns out that Faye talked to her on the phone two months ago when we were looking for leads on places to live. Faye hit it off really well with her over the phone and told me that she thought we would be good friends with them. Well, in the move and everything, we lost their number, they lost ours, and even though we live in the same ward (Lakeside Ward), since we are going to the University Ward who knows if we ever would have met up with them. It was a miracle. They have been looking for friends too. 

As I sat down in the endowment room my heart swelled with thanksgiving to Heavenly Father for answering our prayers. It is humbling to know that Heavenly Father led us together to meet in the temple. Truly the Lord hears and answers our prayers. Truly the Lord blesses us when we attend the temple. 

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