September 4, 2002

I've been thinking about calling Depresso Guy something different. The name Wicked Starfish came to me as a replacement. Wicked Starfish came about because when the darkness comes he latches only the base of my neck. I pictured a giant starfish suctioned onto me centered at the base of my neck with one arm suctioned to the back of my skull, one arm suctioned on each shoulder, and the last two stretching down my back. The Wicked Starfish tries to spew forth darkness into my brain and body while sucking the energy out of me. It's a very wicked starfish. Maybe I should just go with The Darkness. Although I do like the imagery of the Wicked Starfish. But I also like the more humanistic sounding Depresso Guy. I suppose I could use all three interchangeably; after all, darkness takes many forms. The Wicked Starfish lost today. 

1 comment:

  1. I like the starfish image. I have something similar, a girl stuck in a box in the back of my head…