September 3, 2002

Sometimes I get this sinking feeling of dread. He creeps up behind me and rest himself upon my shoulders. He has a name: Depresso Guy. I feel him sneaking up. He lets himself down upon me ever so slightly that I can never tell the exact moment when he lights upon me. But I know he is here. He is not a part of me. I did not create him. He comes from a very dark place and tries to cloud my mind from the light. When he comes it feels like my spirit is wearing a heavy winter coat that provides no warmth. He always comes back, though I've sent him away many times. He always comes back, though he always loses. And he always will. Depresso Guy is delusional and pathetic. He thinks if he keeps trying someday he will succeed. He doesn't understand that he will never succeed because he is darkness and only will starve my soul. My hungry soul seeks the light where Depresso Guy cannot be. So he always loses, and always will. 

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